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For access to the manuscripts, please check my ResearchGate and Loop webpages or contact me. Please check also the website of the IBRG for works by members of my group.


Symbols:                Simulation Modelling                      Bat                  cfDNA Negative Feedback


  • Vincenot C.E., Mazzoleni S., Parrott L. 
    Hybrid Solutions for the Modeling of Complex Environmental Systems. 
    Frontiers Media SA. ISBN: 978-2-88945-055-8

Book Chapters

  • Vincenot C.E.
    Pteropus dasymallus. In: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2017, e.T18722A2208061.


  • Vincenot C.E.
    Pteropus pselaphon. In: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2017, e.T18752A22085351.​


  • Mazzoleni S., Rego F., Giannino F., Vincenot C. E., Pezzatti G., Legg C. 
    Vegetation and Disturbance. In: John Wainwright, Mark Mulligan. Environmental Modelling: Finding Simplicity in Complexity, Second Edition, Pages 235-251, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 9780470749111, 31 January 2013. DOI 10.1002/9781118351475.ch14.


  • Vincenot C.E. 
    The Ryukyu islands. In: Howarth R.W., Mohan J. (eds). Biomes and Ecosystems, May 2013, Salem Press, ISBN 978-1-4298-3813-9.

In peer-reviewed journals


  • Taki Y., Vincenot C.E., Sato Y., Inoue-Murayama M.
    Genetic diversity and population structure in the Ryukyu flying fox inferred from remote sampling in the Yaeyama archipelago.
    PLOS ONE 16:e0248672.


  • Preble J.H., Ohte N., Vincenot C.E.
    In the Shadow of the Rising Sun: A Systematic Review of Japanese Bat Conservation
    Mammal Review, 51:109-126.


  • Cartenì F., Occhicone A., Giannino F., Vincenot C.E., de Alteriis E., Palomba E. Mazzoleni S.
    A general process-based model for the metabolic shift in microbial cell cultures
    Frontiers in Microbiology, in press.


  • Grimm V.*, Railsback S.F.*, Vincenot C.E.*, Berger U., Gallagher C., DeAngelis D.L.,
    Edmonds B., Ge J., Giske J., Groeneveld J., Johnston A.S.A., Milles A., Nabe-Nielsen J.,
    PoIhill J.G., Radchuk V., Rohwäder M.S., Stillman R.A., Thiele J.C., Ayllón C.*
    The ODD protocol for describing agent-based and other simulation models: a second
    update to improve clarity, replication, and structural realism
    Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 23:7. (*: Lead authors)


  • Taki Y., Vincenot C.E., Sato Y., Inoue-Murayama M.
    Development of 34 microsatellite markers for the Ryukyu flying fox (Pteropus dasymallus)
    Conservation Genetics Resources 12:337–351.


  • 瀧 雄渡、Vincenot C.E.、佐藤 悠、井上-村山美穂
    DNA 多型 28:8-11.


  • Isobe K., Ise Y., Kato H., Oda T., Vincenot C.E., Koba K., Tateno R., Seno K., Ohte N.
    Functional role of microbial diversity in forest nitrogen cycling: Diverse ammonifiers and
    specialized ammonia oxidizers
    The ISME Journal 14:12-25.


  • Funk H. and Vincenot C.E.
    Siebold and Temminck on the distribution of Pteropus dasymallus, the Ryukyu Flying Fox
    Archives of Natural History 46:24-32.


  • Florens F.B.V. and Vincenot C.E.
    Qui profite réellement de l’aggravation du conflit homme-faune sauvage et de l’abattage
    en masse d’une espèce endémique menacée - le renard volant Pteropus niger à Maurice ?
    Bulletin Phaethon 49:83-84.


  • 瀧 雄渡、Vincenot C.E.、佐藤 悠、井上-村山美穂
    DNA 多型 27:53-58.


  • Florens F.B.V., Vincenot C.E.
    Broader conservation strategies needed. Science, Volume 362, Issue 6413, Page 409. DOI 10.1126/science.aav5161


  • Vincenot C.E.
    How new concepts become universal scientific approaches: insights from citation network
    analysis of agent-based complex systems science. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 285:20172360.​
    DOI 10.1098/rspb.2017.2360.


  • Vincenot C.E., Florens F.B.V., Kingston T.
    Can we protect island flying foxes? Science, Volume 355, Issue 6332, Pages 1368–1370. 
    DOI 10.1126/science.aam7582.


  • Vincenot C.E., Carteni F., Bonanomi G., Mazzoleni S., Giannino F. Plant-soil negative feedback explains vegetation dynamics and patterns at multiple scales. Oikos, 126:1319-1328. DOI 10.1111/oik.04149.

  • Florens F.B.V, Baider C., Mardaya V., Martina G.M.N., Zmanaya Z., Oleksy R., Kriveke G., Vincenot C.E., Strasberg D., Kingstong T.
    Disproportionately large ecological role of a recently mass-culled flying fox in native forests
    of an oceanic island. Journal of Nature Conservation 40:85-93. DOI 10.1016/j.jnc.2017.10.002.


  • Vincenot C.E., Collazo A.M., Russo D. 
    The Ryukyu Flying Fox (Pteropus dasymallus) - A Review of Conservation Threats and Call for Reassessment. Mammalian Biology, Volume 83, Issue 4, Pages 71–77. DOI 10.1016/j.mambio.2016.11.006.




  • Vincenot C.E., Koyama L., Russo D. 
    Near threatened? First report of unsuspected human-driven decline factors in the Ryukyu flying fox (Pteropus dasymallus) in Japan. Mammalian Biology, Volume 80, Issue 4, Pages 273–277. 
    DOI 10.1016/j.mambio.2015.03.003.


  • Vincenot C.E., Collazo A.M., Wallmo K., Koyama L. 
    Public awareness and perceptual factors in the conservation of elusive species: The case of the endangered Ryukyu flying fox. Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 3, Pages 526–540. 
    DOI 10.1016/j.gecco.2015.02.005.


  • Hay Mele B., Giannino F., Vincenot C.E., Mazzoleni S., Cartenì F. 
    Cell-Based Models in Plant Developmental Biology: Insights into Hybrid Approaches.
    Frontiers in Environmental Sciencefenvs.2015.00073. DOI 10.3389/fenvs.2015.00073.


  • Vincenot C.E., Mazzoleni S., Moriya K., Cartenì, F., Giannino F. 
    How spatial resource distribution and memory impact foraging success: A hybrid model and mechanistic index. Ecological Complexity, Volume 22, 1 January 2015, Pages 139-151. DOI 10.1016/j.ecocom.2015.03.004.


  • Vincenot C.E., Giannino F., Rietkerk M., Moriya K., Mazzoleni S. 
    Theoretical considerations on the combined use of System Dynamics and individual-based modeling in ecology. Ecological Modelling, Volume 222, Issue 1, Pages 210-218. DOI 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2010.09.029.


  • Vincenot C.E. and Moriya K. 
    Impact of the topology of metapopulations on the resurgence of epidemics rendered by a new multiscale hybrid modeling approach. Ecological Informatics, Volume 6, Issues 3-4, Pages 177-186. 
    DOI 10.1016/j.ecoinf.2011.04.002.

Specialized Technical Press

  • Vincenot C.E. 
    X-Mas 1994 : The Mitnick-Shinomura Case, [a retrospective forensics analysis of the cyberattack of Kevin Mitnick on the San Diego Supercomputer Center]. MISC, issue 18, March-April 2005. [in French]


  • Vincenot C.E. 
    Using portable, multi-OS sound systems. Open-Source Development Network (OSDN) (now OSTG).


  • Vincenot C.E. 
    An Introduction to Linux Sound Systems and APIs. Open-Source Development Network (OSDN) (now OSTG).

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