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Prospective Students

I welcome students (esp. Master and PhD candidates) as well as postdoctoral researchers in my fields of expertise, particularly:

  • Computational Modelling (esp. Agent-based Modelling and System Dynamics)

  • Ecological Informatics

  • Island Bat Ecology and Conservation

  • Biologging / Wildlife Telemetry development

I will also consider other interests as long as they lie within my extended domain of competency, i.e.

  • Mammalogy and Conservation Biology

  • Tropical Ecology

  • Aeroecology

  • Science of Science / Bibliometrics / Scientometrics

  • Machine Learning and AI

  • Networking / Security / Embedded Systems

I expect from my students a basic command of English, untainted scientific spirit, initiative and a high level of self-sufficiency. Japanese proficiency is considered an advantage. Furthermore, I do not endorse Anglo-Saxon affirmative action politics and do NOT allocate quotas for "minority groups" (e.g. LGBT+). Candidates are evaluated on equal footing and fairly whatever their nationality, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, etc, and, in case of limited capacity, the best candidate will be selected based solely on academic merit, motivation, and potential contribution to society.

Please contact me to discuss your interests and see if they fit!

Prospective students who feel attracted towards different topics in terrestrial ecology are also invited to consult related activities of the other staff of our laboratory, namely Profs. Nobuhito Ohte and Lina Koyama, as well as at the research topics of our current students

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